Breakwater Concert February 10, 2012 BUY TICKETS

Breakwater is a Funk and Soul band that started in the 70's and continued on until around 1980. Releasing only two albums, the band is similar to last post's Edwin Birdsong in two respects. One, they released a very small amount of material, making their music hard to find. Two, they were sampled by Daft Punk. The song Robot Rock samples their biggest hit, Release The Beast. While Splashdown, and Breakwater in general have some more Funk songs like Release The Beast, they mostly spent their time on slower Soul jams. It's well done music, just overlooked. The music sounds straight out of that 80's disco-y/funky era, and the vocals croon over the often schmoozy lyrics. My favorite is Release The Beast for it's full on Funk Rock attack, but the other 7 songs on the album aren't bad either. Say You Love Me Girl and Time are two love ballads that would be good on any 80's mixtapes, and make from a break of the standards that fill those lists.