10 African-American Visual Artists You Need to Know

By Souleo

With technology impacting every element of our lives the tangible forms of the creative arts can seem devalued at times. However, that hasn’t stopped the following artists from honing their craft, generating profits and creating cutting-edge works of art. The Atlanta Post has compiled a list of ten of the most promising, accomplished, underrated and impressive talents on the scene from the worlds of art, fashion and comics.

Themes, emotions and visions represented in an elaborate multifaceted format. The whimsical sensation of an eclectic fusion of color, shapes and textures. The story told by a single image. These are a few of the features exemplified in the artwork of Philadelphia native, Beau McCall. Drawing inspiration from the vast button collection of his mother and aunts, he crafts custom made pillows with images of icons and abstract collages. During the painstaking work, McCall combines various materials such as mother of pearl, plastic, wool and decorative buttons. With deliberate focus the buttons are arranged to stimulate one’s curiosity and imagination, while simultaneously drawing attention to the unique history of buttons. Thereby McCall’s work generates a discussion surrounding many topics such as class, race and politics. As an artist, fashion designer and stylist McCall has been featured in a number of women’s magazines. He is presently working on his debut button pillow collection.

Shirley Nette Williams

An artist’s craft is measured by a combination of creativity and meticulous execution. It is this balance that London-based artist, Shirley Nette Williams effortlessly masters in her work, known as stitch faces. Williams uses her bare hands and/or sewing machine to stitch images of intriguing faces. In the process she utilizes various mixed media forms such as fabric dyes, acrylic paint, plastic mesh and even teabags. The result is an intricately woven piece of art that amazes with its detail and provokes curiosity and fascination with the form, beauty and mystery of the human face. Williams who has a background in fashion, textiles and costume design is currently preparing her debut solo show for 2012.