Let's Go to Harlem

Central’s annual Black History Program is a time to celebrate the legacies of influential Black leaders, musicians, artists, and achievers.

This year, the program followed a different theme and took a trip back in time to The Black Mecca of the world during the 1900s -- Harlem, New York.

Rather than focusing on segregation, slavery, and racism, the students chose a more positive path and concentrated on the music of Duke Ellington, African American Art, Poetry by Langston Hughes and the city of Harlem.

The story began with six students and a teacher taking a trip to Harlem, New York for a chance to see the history behind the Harlem Renaissance during the 19th Century. The Apollo Theater, Jazz and blues, and The Cotton Club were all seen as staples of Harlem, and the students touched every one.

Participants in the show had only two weeks of practice and limited space, but their hard work was put on display for the whole school.

Ending the program and bringing us all to church was the entire cast, with an electric gospel performance by the Central Choir and a moving sermon delivered by one of the students. Congratulations to everyone who had a part in the play for all their hard work.