Alan Dean Artist

I respect the artists involved in abstract art, but personally, I prefer to present life without distortion," says Alan Dean. "Along with aesthetics, I would rather have a message, too.

"Alan Dean is an admired African American artist, known more for his Black art prints and reproduction. Portraits of Mohammed Ali, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and many more."
Being an Afro-American myself, I am comfortable with presenting my perspective on Afro-Americanna."Alan has participated in the International Conference of Artists Art Show that took place in Dakar Senegal, West Africa.

Four of his Black Art prints were used by Spike Lee in his movie, School Daze.
A portrait of Mohammed Ali, by Alan Dean, hung at Ali's training camp.

Alan's most recent works of art were produced while traveling to several of the Caribbean Islands.

Born July 15, 1953 in Baltimore, Maryland, Alan started drawing around the age of four.

Alan attended Mergenthaler Vocational Technical High School in Baltimore for Commercial Art and took additional training at Schuler's School of the Fine Art, that is also located in Baltimore.

Several of Alan's works are in private collections around the United States. Alan says, " I was really surprised when I received a letter from Patti Laballe expressing how pleased she and her husband were with their Stymie art print and that it made a nice addition to their living room.