Loveless Galleries is a love story of a couple that love each other, art and music.

James & Yvette Loveless

This animated couple met ten years ago when Yvette was working at a medical facility and James was working as a courier for Federal Express. James hurried to Yvette's desk and asked, "Will you please sign for this package?" Yvette confidently answered, "No, I never sign for packages!"Astonished James asks, "Why?" Looking very serious, Yvette says, "I signed for a simple package once before at another facility and was accused of taking their payroll checks. (Of course, Yvette admits, she was only holding him longer because
he was so handsome) Yvette says, "I told them I didn't have the checks." They replied, "Oh, yes you do, because we have your signature here on the Federal Express roster." The president's secretary finally
walked in and said, "No, sugar, I took the checks that Yvette signed for early this morning."
The secretary gave no apologies, and Yvette claims she will NEVER sign for another package again! lol

James says, "I'm sorry that happened to you." Wanting to change the subject to get the package signed, James says, "Is this your artwork on the wall?" "Why, yes it is." Yvette proudly replies. Interested in the conversation James says, "I'm an artist too!" Four months later the two were married and every year on November 7th, they celebrate!

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