The Harlem Fine Arts Show

The Harlem Fine Arts Show

Join us at the 2nd Annual Harlem Fine Art Show this February 25-27, 2011

For Information: 914-980-4427

The Harlem Fine Arts Show is a fine art exposition showcasing contemporary works created by artists to reflect African- American ancestry. The show consists of premier exhibitors who display the best art pieces by both emerging and established artists. The rewards of the Harlem Fine Arts Show are outstanding. The Show’s unique ability to reach a targeted upscale African-American demographic is incomparable.

This very special Art Show develops the long-neglected area of African-American culture, history and economic structure. The Show’s artists have found that this show brings together a huge audience of knowledgeable and interested African-Americans who also have the wherewithal to purchase this body of original art. This merging of art and buyers have proven to be a strong platform for influencing trends in a pleasant cultural and social atmosphere. It is precisely this atmosphere that corporations can use to leverage consumers who see supporters of the Show as being supporters of African-Americans.

An essential aim of the Show, through sales of their work, is the enabling of these artists to be able to afford to pursue their artistic goals and develop the inherent talents given them. Sales of their artwork are essential to the economic well being necessary to afford classes, art materials, and a living as professional artists. The extremely strong sales at the Show have done just that. One can see the progress made by many of these artists by viewing the growth in the quality of the material they bring to the Show.

While extremely important to African-Americans, the Show is of undeniable benefit to Americans of all colors and ethnicity. The obvious duality of benefit, in this regard, should be recognized. There are many Latinos, Asians and mainstream Whites who attend the Show and can be leveraged towards your brand as well.

In addition, Black History Month heightens the tremendous coverage the Show receives via radio, television, and the printed media.

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