Dad apologizes for rushing bus to confront bullies

Re-Post from WDBO Local News By Marva Hinton
The dad who stormed a school bus to confront his daughter's bullies is apologizing for his actions.

James Jones talked to reporters Tuesday in Lake Mary about the incident that got him arrested.

"I handled it the wrong way," said Jones. "I thought I was backed up against the wall as a parent, and I just didn't know where else to go."

He says he just wanted to protect his daughter who had been bullied for weeks. He says the 13 year old with cerebral palsy was poked with a pencil, had her ears twisted and thumped and was called names. But Jones says he didn't realize how bad things were until his daughter broke down and cried the day of the incident.

"As a dad, I snapped, and I apologize again," he said.

His wife, Deborah McFadden-Jones, says she called a guidance counselor at Greenwood Lakes Middle School about the situation prior to her husband's outburst.

"I let them know that I needed to talk to her regarding my daughter," she said. "I did not get a response back at all not until this aired."

She was referring to the surveillance camera footage of her husband yelling and cursing at kids on their daughter's bus. Since the incident, a Facebook page has been created in support of James. Nearly 1,800 people are registered as supporters on the site, and some say they would have reacted the same way he did.

But the father of four says he wants to encourage parents not to do that. He says they should talk to their kids about bullying and support organizations that fight against it. Jones is facing two misdemeanor charges in connection with the incident on the school bus, but his attorneys say they're trying to have those charges dropped or reduced.

The Jones family says their daughter, who had been on a suicide watch, remains in a hospital but is improving. When she's released, her parents say she will go to another school.
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