New Book "Soul Food For The Soul Sistah" Offers Spiritual Nourishment For Women of Color

Atlanta, GA ( -- Finally, a book that gives tribute in true fashion to the people who have made a difference in our lives on this planet. It's been already hailed as being inspirational, motivational, and spiritually uplifting. Soul Food For the Soul Sistah by Marcus Wells gives women the real credit due to them whom so richly deserve this special recognition.

Soul Food recognizes the extraordinary talent, bravery, and ingenuity in the history of many women who have been perceived as ordinary. But, these women were the ones who made small and large sacrifices down through the ages to see that a culture and a community would survive.

This book teaches us to respect the rich tradition and heritage that "ALL" women have contributed to their families, their company, community, nation and planet, but to pay attention under the circumstances women of color have done it.

Just like the women of color for whom it represents, Soul Food is a force that elevates the pride, esteem and confidence we share in a wider, greater, common culture of color, globally.

There are no barriers to cross, no picket lines, and no limitations to your dreams. This book opens up and awakens all of us to our sense of awareness about one another and possibly realize our similar hurdles and common goals to succeed by transcending the often insidious and pernicious dividers of our peoples such as language, religion, or nationality that has kept us separated from sharing our true identity as a "world people" seen in that of our beautiful women of color; whose character and class lives forever gracefully and dynamic with this book!

Wells has dedicated the book to his mother and has written a poem to his grandmother. Both have been a symbol to him of the strength he wishes to reveal in his book tribute to all women of color.

His free-hand illustrations are powerful images that he thought growing up and today are powerful in motivating him and what he also thought the struggle for survival and success were about in becoming recognized as a "global people". Enjoy the daily affirmations and poems and may they give you a moment of pause to reflect on your own inner beauty and that of others in our cultures and communities and better understand what we must do to preserve it.

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