Jimmy Carter Wins Release of American Prisoner Aijalon Gomes

Former President Jimmy Carter and freed prisoner Aijalon Gomes

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has done it again. Carter headed home from North Korea today after securing a pardon for an American teacher jailed there since January. Carter and Aijalon Gomes boarded a plane at Pyongyang's airport and are expected to arrive in Boston this afternoon. The former president landed in North Korea on Wednesday on a private mission to negotiate Gomes' release. The 31-year-old English teacher was sentenced to eight years' hard labor in April and fined more than $600,000 after he was accused of illegally crossing the border from China and committing a "hostile act." Gomes was freed after Carter "made an apology" to No. 2 official Kim Yong Nam and promised that such a case "will never happen again." Instead of pondering why this case which involved a black man got so little media coverage when it happened, as opposed to let's say Laura Ling and Euna Lee, we'll celebrate the fact that Gomes is coming home.

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